Fly Fleet, LLC is hosting a design competition for university-level human factors, user experience & design students!

Design Challenges
Students should select one of the following three design challenges, and must indicate which challenge they are competing in when declaring their intent to compete (see below). The three challenges for 2016 include:

  • Create a Business-side advertising management system. The challenge: develop a business-side ad creation, tracking, and management system for airport businesses to use in conjunction with Fleet.
  • Gamify the travel experience. The challenge: gamify the travel experience, specifically detailing a method and system for making pain points of the travel experience more enjoyable.
  • Socialize the travel experience. The challenge: increase social interactions across users at the airport in a way that benefits travelers. Interactions might vary from relationship building across users, users and businesses. NOTE: There are many approaches and ways of interpreting ‘social interactions’.
  • The submissions will be judged against four criteria:
    1) how well you addressed the scope of the design challenge
    2) the effectiveness of the UX techniques used throughout your process
    3) the creativity of your solutions
    4) the anticipated benefits to your target users.

The cohesiveness of your deliverables and their ability to communicate your ideas in relation to each of the four criteria will also play a critical role.

Notice of Intent. Design competition team members would need to email a notice of intent to participate by Friday, September 30, 2016, 5:00pm PST. The email would be sent to and would include the names of the team members, your school, your faculty sponsor’s name/email, and which design prompt you are undertaking. Please use ‘Notice to Compete in Fleet Design Challenge’ in the subject line of the email. You must choose only 1 prompt.

Final Submission Deadline. The final submission will be due Friday, December 2, 2016, 5:00pm PST, sent as an email to The submission email should include a link to a dropbox folder containing the following items:

  • A 5-10 page paper detailing your approach to solving the design challenge, a summary of the exploratory/research you did into the project area, and your rationale for your solution.
  • A prototype (PDF or link to online version) of the solution you designed
  • One folder of other supplemental materials you created during your process (e.g. wireframes, sketches, etc.)
  • Submissions will become property of Fly Fleet, LLC upon final submission. Completed submissions are viewed as agreement to this clause. If you have questions about the intellectual property rights of the contest, please contact the team for more information at

Advice for Student Teams

  • Before you give notice to compete, Fleet suggests that you download the app and simply explore it. Fleet is currently available only on Apple iOS, and can be found simply by searching for ‘Fleet’ in the App Store.
  • This is a UX design competition, so consider which UX design methods you will employ in your team’s work. These might include: the cognitive and perceptual constraints that affect interface design, generative or divergent ideation techniques, iterative prototyping, UX testing methods (e.g., interviews, surveys, usability testing), and a deep appreciation for the target audience.
  • Don’t talk yourself out of submitting. Product design requires putting yourself out there. At Fleet we believe everyone, regardless of your educational background, has good ideas. If you don’t try something, you definitely will fail! Drop us a line if you need a pep talk!

First Place

One team with the highest scores will be declared the winning team. The winning team will receive the following:

  • Students on the team will be awarded a $500 prize (to be split among student team members).
  • The faculty sponsor will receive a $100 thank you gift for agreeing to sponsor the project and guide the student group
  • A press release detailing the winning team will be written and released by Fly Fleet, LLC.
  • The winning project will be featured on the Fly Fleet website.